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Landstar is not a new name in freight transportation industry. They have been around for more than ten years. They provide international and domestic services for your freight handling. These qualified professionals will make sure that your freight is handled with care and safety.

Landstar load boards are unique and one of a kind in their services. Their first priority is always their customers and clients. They have a vast network system that will allow you to transport your goods anywhere in the world. They are indeed the freight industry leaders.

What Kind Of Services Do They Provide?
Landstar provide you with a number of services that you can find helpful. They have a transportation service for your every need. They provide you air transport facility, ocean freight transportation, border crossing transportation,expedited or emergency services and rail intermodal services. But when it comes to Landstar load boards then there is no comparison at all.

They have an amazing number of services available for you in the load board genre. Actually, they have services for your every freight need. They have flatbed or step deck truckload services, LTL flat or van services; they have special services for heavy haul, and they even have simple van services and temperature control services as well.

Landstar Load Boards: Their Reputation?

If you are thinking about using their services or if you are thinking about joining their network and doing a job with them then you might be concerned about their reputation in the market. But do not have to be concerned about it in any way. Landstar load boards have a great reputation in the market. Even their biggest competitions in the market have nothing wrong to say about them. You can read countless reviews about this company and you will know that they are a phenomenon. They have millions and millions of customers all over the world and these customers are happy and satisfied with their performance.

Even the drivers who work for them are very happy with their bosses (per reviews). They are paid on time, they are not over worked and even if they are, they are paid extra for that. They have a set mileage for them and they drive only in that radius. So if you are thinking about taking a job at Landstar or are thinking about doing business with with them, you can do it closed eyes.

What Are The Advantages Of Joining The Landstar Community?

Regardless of the company, most experts agree that load boards have a lot of advantages and you will gain a lot by joining them. With Landstar, they are pure, hard working professionals. You will not have a single complaint or error to point out. You will be satisfied with their services no matter what. Then they have one rule that they never ever break: safety first! They make sure that the freight and their drivers are always safe and protected. The freight and the life of their drivers are priceless and Landstar load boards make it their first priority to do all business safely and securing.

Safety and security is never a problem here. Thirdly, Landstar has a solution for your every problem. They have one of a kind technology that will allow you to choose from a variety of options. Whether it is carrier management, carrier selection, real-time order management, inventory visibility, or transit to optimization everything is done with perfection.

Landstar load boards in depth…

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Landstar load boards services. These are those services that are going to benefit the customers and the drivers as well.

Step Deck or Flatbed Transportation!
Now this is one of the best and most famous Landstar load boards service. This is one of those services that benefit the driver and the customer as well.First of all the drivers can sign up for such services, they can either drive the company’s step decks or flatbeds or they could drive their own. They will be waged according to the weight of the freight they have transported and of course they will be paid according to the distance they have covered.

For the customers security is the first thing they have to consider before they take a step deck or flatbed transportation services. Here at Landstar Load Boards your freight will be transported to its destination on time and safely. They have security consultants that will make sure that your freight is loaded safely aboard and that no harm will be brought to them.

Heavy Haul Services!

Heavy haul services are one of the strong points of Landstar. You cab totally rely on them for your oversized or heavy freight transportation. They have specialized equipment for this. They have double drops, removable goosenecks, extendable, multi axles, Schnabel trailers and even steerable at your service. They allow their customers to mix and match any service they want so that they get their desired services.

As for the drivers, they are paid heavily for their services in this matter. But they have to be cautious and good drivers to take these heavy duty things over board.

Temperature Control Services!
There are always some things that need to be handled with care. A lot of things like beverages, eatables or medicines need temperature controlled facilities for transportation. Landstar provide refrigerated transports like vans and trucks that will haul your freight safely across to their destination. Your freight will be kept at the right temperature. Your freight will be delivered on time and your freight will be perfectly safe with them.

Drivers and cargo handlers are always needed welcomed. Landstar load boards have open vacancy for all those drivers that are good and punctual. If you have these qualities then you will be perfect with Landstar. You will be paid on time, you will have your rights, plus you will be given insurance and if you use your own transport then it will be insured as well.

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