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CDL Study Buddy Review

If you’re taking the CDL exam, you know how nerve-racking it can be. Your future as a trucker relies on you passing the CDL exam. Period. And if you don’t pass, all of your training was for nothing.

Of course, you can retake the exam, but it puts your career on hold.

CDL Study Buddy aims to help you pass the test on the first try. This isn’t like the other tests that cost you a ton of money and leave you with little-to-no benefit in the end. Instead, you pay absolutely nothing for the free practice exam.

You read that right: $0.

And free is for me – when free is good, of course.

So, what is this study guide all about? Can it really help you pass the CDL exam? Let’s find out.


Is CDL Study Buddy The the Best CDL Study Guide?

You’ve been behind the wheel, and you may have trained at a trucking school, too. Your exam is coming up next week, and there are hundreds, well thousands really, of questions that may be on the exam.

And since you’re not a walking encyclopedia, you’re quite scared that the questions on the test will be the ones you haven’t studied.

Study Buddy comes from an industry veteran. This isn’t a study guide that is written by a suit-and-tie wearing author that barely can handle his Prius yet is supposed to help you get behind the wheel of a big rig.

Study Buddy was created by an industry veteran with 20 years of experience behind the wheel of a truck. A person that knows what it’s like to be sweaty and scared before taking your exam. A driver that has been on the road for 10 days straight and hasn’t seen his family, but knows that the money he is making is keeping a roof over his family’s head.

You’ll be learning from a real professional.

And the best thing is that CDL Study Buddy is very accessible. In fact, it’s available in a wide variety of platforms.

Platform Availability

Study Buddy takes the dread out of the CDL exam. And the program offers:

  • PDF: A quick and easy way to download the study guide and start reading it on your tablet and phone. If you’re always on the go, this is a great option as you can study anywhere: in the car, on the train or on the couch. This is the official CDL handbook.
  • Audio: Oregon was nice enough to provide the CDL handbook to Study Buddy in audio format, too. This is ideal for long drives in the car when you can’t look away from the road.

Whew, that is a lot of study material. But you already have the CDL handbook – good. The actual CDL Study Buddy practice test can be taken on:

  • Web: Right on the Study Buddy website, you can take a myriad of tests on different areas of the CDL exam. You’ll be able to take tests on:
    • General Knowledge
    • Tankers
    • Air Brakes
    • Tankers
    • Pretrip
    • Passenger
    • Doubles and triples
    • Hazmat
    • School Bus
    • Combination vehicles
  • App: You’re not connected to the Internet 24/7, and you still want access to the best CDL study guide? No problem. You can download the CDL Study Buddy app. This app includes all of the 1,000+ questions that Study Buddy has to offer. With the app, simply download it to your phone or tablet, and use it as you see fit.

If you don’t want to use the app and you’re on mobile, you can connect to the company’s mobile website where you can begin taking your practice test.

A lot of information is provided to you for free. With over 1,000 questions on the study guide itself, you’ll be able to memorize and learn all of the questions and answers on your upcoming test.

This isn’t just my experience with the guide either.

CDL Study Buddy has been used by over 60,000 truckers that were in the same position as you. These are people that crammed for their test and finally found this practice exam to put them over the top when taking the test.

And why not use it?

Since the guide is free, you really have nothing to lose but your time – and even that won’t be wasted.

A solid study guide by any means, the company does make money through ad impressions and advertising I am assuming, but besides that, they ask for nothing in return for a study guide that outpaces paid options and is available in over 40 different languages on the app version. And when you ask the app or test developer questions, they’re quick to respond and give you a hand with fixing any issues you have.

CDL Study Buddy is the best-of-the-best if you’re serious about becoming a trucker.

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