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Centerline Drivers specializes in driver’s recruitment, connecting qualified drivers with transportation companies across the country. The company has been in business since 1975, and they are part of a family of recruiting-based companies, like TruBlue, PeopleScout, PeopleReady and Staff Mana.

Centerline has developed a reputation for being the most experienced and reliable partner in the transportation industry. They have a perfect DOT audit record, and a client satisfaction rate that’s four times greater than the average in the industry.

Centerline is partnered with several respected organizations in the transportation industry, including National Private Truck Council (NPTC), Driver Employer Council of America (DECA), ATA, Women in Trucking Association and Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA).

Their recruitment services help drivers find suitable work and customers find drivers that meet their needs.

Centerline Trucking Jobs – How Does it Work?

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Each year, Centerline connects more than 4,500 drivers with mid-size and Fortune 1000 companies. They offer nationwide coverage, with network branches in 40 markets.

Drivers who turn to Centerline work with recruiters who offer support and help them find a job that matches their experience and expertise.

What sets Centerline apart is that they focus on fit. Their recruiters strive to match drivers with companies that will match their skills/experience, lifestyle, and equipment and shift preferences.

Drivers have the opportunity to secure local positions that offer daily home time, competitive pay and a reliable schedule.

Driver Qualifications

In order to drive with Centerline, drivers must meet the following qualifications:

  • At least 22 years of age or older
  • At least 1 year of recent driving experience
  • A clean driving record

The Application Process

Drivers go through a five-step process when applying:

  • An in-person or telephone interview
  • A formal application
  • Drug screening and employment verification
  • Validation of DOT qualifications
  • Centerline safety training

The hiring process is simple and straightforward. Drivers must have a clean driving record, and the company takes safety very seriously.

Flexible and Mobile Drivers

Centerline connects customers with flexible and mobile drivers. These two programs make it easy to fill driver needs on-the-fly.

Flexible Drivers

Just as the name suggests, the flexible driver unit is sent wherever the customer needs. It’s a popular option for companies experiencing:

  • Growth
  • High turnover
  • Seasonal peaks
  • Special jobs
  • Short-notice jobs
  • Large-scale projects

These drivers can be deployed where and when they’re needed most. Customers that have an unexpected surge in work can use Centerline’s services to ensure that projects move along seamlessly.

Mobile Drivers

The company’s mobile driver unit has become an essential component of the recruitment process. Experienced, reliable drivers are temporarily relocated to areas with significant driver shortages (remote locations) and high-demand markets.

Mobile drivers can also be sent to help with special projects to ensure that everything is moving seamlessly.

Centerline boasts a 99% fill rate for mobile drivers.

Pay, Hours and Perks

Because Centerline connects drivers with transportation companies in need, pay rates, hours and perks will vary. However, drivers generally receive competitive pay. Many positions are local, so daily home time is common.

Here are some example job listings:

  • Spartanburg, SC Local Driver: $20-$25/hour; full-time; perks include overtime, weekend work available, home daily, and medical benefits
  • Dallas, TX Regional Flatbed Driver: $1,500/week; full-time; perks include medical benefits, and overtime available.
  • Columbus, OH Class A Driver: $27/hour; full-time; perks include overtime, medical benefits and home daily.

Pay rates are competitive, and drivers get access to medical insurance despite the positions technically being temporary ones. A variety of positions are available, which gives drivers plenty of options when it comes to shifts and type of work.

Driver Management Services

driver recruitment

Many customers choose Centerline to fill needs in their fleet. Others use Centerline to manage their entire driver team.

The company is equipped to handle recruitment and daily management of drivers, which are assigned exclusively to the customer. Centerline will work to transition the customer’s current driving team to the Centerline team. They handle the risk, HR, safety and payroll. Customers can spend less time worrying about driver logistics and leave those tasks to the experts.

Centerline’s driver management services include:

  • A customized driver staffing plan.
  • Management and supervision of drivers. Customers control dispatch, trucks, routing and software.
  • Back-up drivers when necessary through the mobile and flexible driver programs.

The driver management services offered by Centerline allow companies to focus on running their businesses and dedicate fewer resources to overseeing drivers.

How Centerline Fits into the CDL Industry

Centerline Drivers helps customers find experienced drivers, and they help drivers find the work they need to support their families. They serve as a middleman, but their role is an important one.

Drivers who may not know which next steps to take can find work with the help of Centerline’s recruiters. Customers who need drivers – temporarily or long-term – can tap into Centerline’s pool of experienced drivers to fulfill their needs.

Centerline fulfills needs on both ends in the transportation industry.


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