Northside Driving School

Northside Driving School is a CDL driving school in Queens that offers training for aspiring truckers, but they also offer training for bus driving and even defensive driving courses.

Online CDL study courses are available to help new drivers study for their license on their own time and at their own pace. Perks like lifetime job assistance and flexible training packages make it easy for students to get started.

Classes and Licenses at Northside DMV Driving School

Northside Driving School offers a number of classes and training for trucking careers.

Classroom and Behind the Wheel Training

Northside Driving School provides both classroom and behind the wheel training using trucks. Whether you just need a few hours of training, a complete program or something in between, Northside has training options that fit your lifestyle and needs.

Northside Driving School will assist with:

  • Scheduling your road test
  • Teaching you how to perform a pre-trip inspection
  • Training you to operate a truck, bus or tractor trailer
  • Providing a vehicle for your road test

The training programs offered by Northside Driving School are approved by:

  • Veteran Administration
  • Acces-VR
  • ITG
  • HRA

Driver Packages and Prices

Northside offers training for tractor-trailers and bus operation. There are four main packages for each type.

Package 1

  • 5 road lessons
  • Road test appointment
  • Road test
  • DMV fee

Package 2

  • 10 road lessons
  • Road test appointment
  • Road test
  • DMV fee

Package 3

  • 15 road lessons
  • Road test appointment
  • Road test
  • DMV fee

Package 4

  • 20 road lessons
  • Road test appointment
  • Road test
  • DMV fee

The Five Hour Class

Once you have obtained your learner’s permit, you can attend the five hour class, which is a pre-licensing course.

You will receive a certificate of completion once you complete the course, and you can use this certificate to set up the road test.

Online CDL Classes

Northside also offers online CDL classes that allow you to study at your own pace. Their online CDL course doesn’t require any computer knowledge, is available 24/7 and lets you know when you are ready to take the DMV test.

Students have access to learning and testing modes, and there’s even advanced testing available, which includes test questions that were previously failed.

Northside’s online platform covers all of the CDL classes and endorsements you’ll need to start your trucking career.

The online training platform is free to try. You can view sample test questions to get an idea of what will be on the exam.

What About a Permit?

Northside offers online training to prepare you for a CDL permit. In order to get a CDL permit in NYS, you must have a valid state driver’s license, be at least 21 years of age and pass the written skills test at the DMV.

If you’re looking for CDL training in New York State, Northside Driving School offers many options, from online training to in-person classes from experienced instructors. The school offers affordable training packages to help you get your CDL and start your trucking career.

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